Collection: Alejandra Higuera

"A Moment to Heal" by Alejandra Higuera

Alejandra Higuera is a multidisciplinary, visual storyteller working in video, animation, projection, and illustration. Her work focuses on themes of migration, feminism, memory, grief, and ritual by centering the intricate stories of immigrant, queer, and BIPOC resilience and exploring how healing leads us to re-imaging ourselves.  She is committed to creating spaces for dialogue about the complexities of our experiences and that celebrate our differences. As a Latinx artist, Alejandra supports our ever-changing identities, resisting homogenization through a decolonizing lens.

Below you will find a variety of products that you can purchase, all of which prominently feature artwork from Alejandra Higuera. The profits from your purchase will be shared between our contributing artists and NYWS: A new kind of anti-violence centre pushing back against gender-based violence.

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